SI-DRIVE: Towards a general theory and typology of Social Innovation

“Towards a general theory and typology of Social Innovation” comprises the most important findings of the four years lasting SI-DRIVE project according to the development of the theoretical framework. Based on a new innovation paradigm seven central building blocks are summarising the theoretical and empirical work of the project: a comprehensive definition of Social Innovation, five key dimensions for a better understanding of social innovation (concepts & understandings, addresses societal needs & challenges, resources, capabilities & constraints, process dynamics, and governance, networks, actors), institutional settings and levels of action, a wide range of actors, empowerment and human resources, ecosystems, and mechanisms of social change.

Moreover, the report includes first typology approaches for social innovation as well as elaborations on the relationship between social innovation and social change. In fact, research on the capacities and potentials of social innovations to modify or even re-direct social change are provided in the last chapter.particular communities.

You can find out more about SI-DRIVE project here.