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If your thinking and practice need invigorating, it’s important to find a partner who can develop your capabilities, connect you with the right expertise and support you as you navigate change. We help organisations identify, adapt and apply new thinking, methods and tools to their work. Our industry-defining global network helps you stay ahead of the curve and build new relationships with leading social innovators to transform your practice. If you want us to work with you as your global innovation partner, get in touch!

Work with SIX for:

  • Made-to-measure approach: we pair design and systems thinking with creative methodologies to deliver outcomes that benefit both participants and recipients
  • Cultural translation at both global and local levels: we navigate spaces with sensitivity to connect diverse stakeholders
  • A global perspective: we facilitate the design of impactful, nuanced solutions with a wealth of inspirational examples and frameworks
  • A diverse network of expertise: we develop relationships and build connections between leading thinkers and practitioners all over the world.

Global Intelligence

We activate our extensive global network, mine cutting-edge innovative thinking and practice, and present it in relevant, accessible and actionable ways so organisations can better understand their place in the ecosystem and the opportunities for action.


Our in-person, online and hybrid programmes develop collaboration, innovative working cultures, and build stronger global networks. Each tailored project draws on our extensive expertise, experience and global knowledge to embed social innovation practices, behaviours and cultures throughout your organisation.

Strategy & advice

We help organisations to change, supporting them as they adapt to keep pace with global events. Through strategic advice, support and leveraging our global network of expertise we break down organisational silos and embed innovation across functions.

1 Global intelligence

We leverage our network to gather global insight, then help organisations use this insight effectively so they stay up to date with current trends and global initiatives in their area of interest.

Knowing your ecosystem

Our global intelligence work goes beyond providing insights and information, we also connect the organisations we work with. In order to be effective in a country or field, you need to know and connect with other organisations working on similar things in other places.

Connecting Social Labs globally

We’ve supported the MaD Social Lab team in Hong Kong to connect with their global peers. By understanding global trends better, the team are able to adapt their approach and develop long-term learning relationships.

Navigating and learning from scaling models

How to scale is something that keeps many organisations awake at night. Google is full of models and terminology. We worked with a group of Polish incubators to navigate this mass of data and connect with relevant people.

Deep dive case studies

Sometimes, organisations need deeper insights on a topic, so we provide deep-dive case studies from around the world. These can be part of a larger research project or book.

Cities of future – People powered city

From Seoul, Mumbai to Mexico City, there are cities all over the world who are unlocking the power of people. Download the book here and learn more about our long term work in Seoul here.

Mapping global Business for Good examples

We worked as part of a Hong Kong-based consulting team to develop a report mapping the motivations for Business for Good for the Hong Kong government.

Horizon scanning

Horizon scanning helps organisations understand potential futures and prepare for uncertainty which is essential in the world today. Our global scans help organisations understand cutting-edge innovative thinking and practice.

Mapping the corporate accountability landscape in South East Asia

A piece of research, conducted for a private funder, looking at the role of philanthropy in driving Business for Good.

Optimising foundations use of data

The emerging fields of data and artificial intelligence offer many exciting possibilities but philanthropy isn’t engaging quickly enough. Here we map some examples of best practice.

Unpacking social innovation in INGO’s

Social innovation units are emerging in NGOs, but how can the tools be used most effectively? We were commissioned to explore current activity in this space.

2 Innovation skills

Our in-person, online and hybrid programmes develop collaboration, innovative working cultures, and build stronger global networks.

Study visits

Whatever your area of interest, we can link you to the right people and organisations anywhere in the world, and design programmes to facilitate your learning needs. Our practical study tours can be tailored to the needs of NGOs, universities, foundations, corporations or governments.

An introduction to service delivery innovation (online)

We introduced staff from the biggest NGO in Hong Kong to their peers in inspirational organisations transforming service delivery and discussed ways of creating a culture of innovation in large organisations.

Financing social innovation

A bilateral exchange between Canada and the UK on ways of financing social innovation.

Skills training

We run training on systems thinking, design thinking, strategic planning in challenging times, and offer Social Innovation 101 core modules for organisations worldwide.

Systems thinking in context & practice

A training about navigating complexity in times of change, aimed at foundation or NGO staff. Learn more.

Global Innovation Academy

An introductory social innovation summer school for young people. Learn more and get involved.

3 Strategy & advice

We provide expert advice to a broad range of organisation interested in social innovation. From INGOs with new innovation teams to governments with new social innovation strategies, we help organisations turn innovation from idea to practice and support them through the change.

Advisory and expertise

From Colombia to East Africa, we’ve helped organisations frame their social innovation strategies and policies.

Supporting a foundation in East Africa to sharpen their theory of change and embed MEL

We helped review a global funder’s Theory of Change and M&E processes, engaging with people across levels and functions to build better buy-in and understanding of their values and vision in action.  

Partnering with Zorlu Holdings in Turkey to connect cross sectors

Over three years, we’ve worked with Zorlu to grow social innovation in the region, through events, scans, making connections and advisory work.

Establishing an advisory committee for the Mayor of Seoul, South Korea

Over 5 years, we facilitated a global advisory committee for social innovation for the the Mayor of Seoul.

Advising the Colombian government on their national strategy for social innovation.

We helped Colombia government set their national strategy for social innovation.

Clients we’ve partnered with

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