About us

SIX believes in the transformative power of people working together. Exchanges based on mutual value and reciprocity are the missing link in tackling the world’s problems. As a friendly, expert entry point to global social innovation, our work connects organisations, sectors, communities and nations to build capabilities and create opportunities for collaboration. When we open the world, people connect and discover the collective power to change their societies for the better.

Cross Sector

We believe in different sectors working together – no one sector or organisation has all the answers. We can learn a lot from different people with different perspectives and by working together we can leverage the best of every organisation.


We believe in being open to the world — best examples can come from anywhere. Global exchange of good ideas helps us tackle local challenges better.


We believe that the exchange of experiences and knowledge drives positive social change. Work centred in mutual value and reciprocity delivers powerful outcomes and is at the heart of all we do.


Our team is based in the UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Hong Kong, and our executive board stretches from San Francisco to Adelaide. These diverse perspectives inform the creation and spread of social innovation knowledge and learning throughout and beyond our field.

Governance and financial statements

Since March 2013, SIX has been governed by an Executive Board of leading social innovation experts from around the world.

SIX is a charity registered by UK law (Charity No 1155570) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company Number 8364475). You can find the latest Social Innovation Exchange Report and Financial Statements below.

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Who we work with

Global Council

The SIX Global Council is a group of leading institutions who are committed to social innovation.

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