New report: How philanthropy is supporting Business for Good in South East Asia

The Asia region, and specifically businesses operating within it, have an important role to play in transitioning our planet to a sustainable and green future. But the climate breakdown is an intersectional challenge — that means every sector needs to work together effectively, and for that to happen, people within different institutions need to understand the issues, their roles, and how to work better with other people/sectors.

Lack of education, trust and transparency are challenges which hinder progress: where there were new policies in Asia, businesses did not understand how or why to cooperate and comply, and where there were efforts amongst businesses to operate more sustainably, funders and NGOs were not actively involved in addressing the impact on local communities.

This is where philanthropy can play a key role, as a catalyst for systemic change and as a trusted bridge and convenor between sectors. This report offers three areas where philanthropy could advance the business for good movement in the region: through standards, accountability and field building.

Philanthropy can partner with those developing the methods to measure and value the impact the companies have on people and planet, can work with key players to hold corporations to account and can ultimately incentivise businesses to become leaders for societal and environmental good, looking beyond just shareholder profit.