Cities of the future – Seoul as a people-powered city

Unlocking the power of people in Seoul

This collection of essays and case studies brings together innovators from around the world to reflect on the pioneering work of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) over the last decade. Each of the contributors has been closely involved in the work of the SMG through the Global Social Innovation Advisory Committee of Seoul City and are therefore in a unique position to relate the initiatives undertaken in Seoul to create a ‘people- powered city’ to parallel innovations being undertaken in their own contexts, from Mexico and Hong Kong to India and Europe.

Since 2010 Seoul has exemplified a new breed of city that is hungry to learn from and share with others. It has been an active participant in many networks, hosting gatherings and speeding up the circulation of ideas in fields ranging from the circular economy and social innovation to smart cities and new thinking about the city as an urban commons.

Our hope is that some of the ideas in this book will inspire other cities. We also hope that it will help to sustain the dynamic cross-pollination and radical innovation that Seoul has shown in recent years, showing that cities can play leading roles in everything from action on climate change to welfare reform and democratic renewal.

This collection of essays has been curated and edited by SIX, coordinators of the Global Social Innovation Advisory Committee for Seoul City.