Systems Thinking in Context and Practice

Case Study

A three-part social innovation and systems thinking workshop for foundations.

Spread out over three months with mini-R&D tasks in between, this 10-hour capacity building programme will focus on exchange and reflection, embed organisational learning in context and practice, and enable teams to work more collaboratively, effectively and authentically.

There’s no systems change without organisational change, and no organisational change without individual change.

— Jonathan Raymond, Stuart Foundation (quoted in Kania, Kramer, and Senge, 2018)

Learning Objectives

  • To become familiar with the concept of social innovation and systems thinking
  • To understand and map the field and the various roles foundations can play
  • To reflect on your own role within your organisation and the field
  • To come up with a long term plan to transform systems thinking into practice within your own organisation

Ideal Group Size

8-12 participants from different departments across the organisation.

Programme Style

Practical and Participatory

The programme will be built around real life cases within the organisation and from other foundations in the SIX network. Participants will apply common approaches in social innovation and systems theory to their own work and will explore case studies of funders who have adopted a role focused on being agents for systems change.

Iterative and reflective

The workshops are driven by individual organisations, teams and challenges. The sessions move from exploring personal motivations and relationships to enabling teams to come up with longer term plans to transform systems thinking into practice.