The state of social innovation in 2019

Over the last 10 years, SIX has developed a broad view of what social innovation looks like in different parts of the world. We’ve seen how social innovation ecosystems have developed in response to the individual contexts of different countries, as well as the patterns that have emerged locally, regionally and globally.

Here, SIX Executive Director Louise Pulford shares her insights on how different parts of the social innovation ecosystem have been developing in some of the countries SIX is working in this year. We’ve picked a country per region that is leading the way in their support for social innovation. This snapshot of diverse locations should give you a sense of where the strengths in these social innovation ecosystems lie, and highlights how the support for social innovation varies depending on the specific needs of a place.

We know this map isn’t a comprehensive enquiry based on scientific measurements, but we hope it provides a helpful starting point to think about where social innovation is well supported, and why this might be the case. We hope it is used as a tool to help facilitate exchange and learning between different countries. As we continue to develop this map over the years, we hope to track how we think things have changed and where social innovation ecosystems have developed.