The SIX Funders’ Node: A new kind of network for social innovation

In a rapidly changing world, the role of foundations to broker and create change is increasingly important. And, as their own role develops, it’s vital for funders to share and learn from their peers across the globe.

The SIX Funders’ Node works with leading funders to unpack the big questions facing trusts and foundations all over the world.

Our unique, practical, peer-to-peer approach brings together innovative funders who want to reflect on their own practice and learn from others. Funders share experience, wisdom, tools, resources and methods to advance social innovation and achieve greater impact. Through a series of small, carefully curated meetings, with content developed from the big questions keeping funders awake at night, a collaborative support group for foundations is developing – one that creates a space for critical friends and pushes the boundaries of social change.

The following tells the story of the SIX Funders’ Node and the impact we’ve had to date. Read it here.