The Innovation Lab Insight Centre

The innovation Lab Insight Centre is a joint project between The Brisdgespan Group and the Rockefeller Foundation

Focussing on Labs for Systems Change, the project brought together a blog and webinar series which shares research, expert insights, and perspectives on how these labs have helped funders and nonprofit organizations create environments conducive to innovation and experimentation.

Of particular interest is the survey of 75 innovation labs, which includes an overview of the landscape of innovation labs, lab practices and results, and perspectives on what is needed to advance the field. The full survey can be seen here.

Nidhi Sahni from The Bridgespan Group in New York and Amira Bliss at The Rockefeller Foundation in New York concluded the blog series with a final piece, “Fulfilling the promise of social innovation labs”, which summarised their learning from the group of partitioners who  were asked, “Can innovation labs help solve some of the world’s most vexing social problems?” The full article can be read here.