Amwaj Alzahrani

Communication designer & creative visualiser

Amwaj is the Communication Designer and Creative Visualizer at SIX. She started working at SIX with the creative visualization of the SIX Wayfinder 2020, one of SIX’s flagship programs aimed at building the field of social innovation by bringing together key stakeholders across different geographies and sectors. She is currently working on creating and maintaining SIX’s core design and brand communication development, designing the narrative of our work, and engaging with a global team to exchange knowledge in the field of Social Innovation.

Amwaj is a multidisciplinary Designer, Educator, and Strategist who works in the intersection of visual arts and design research. She applies user-centred and community-led design practices in her work. She leads the Design Lab at NELC, where she works on the challenges of digital learning and the learner experience. Amwaj also supports the community of Down Syndrome by celebrating their art.

In 2021, Amwaj got her Master’s degree in Design for Social Innovation from SVA, New York.