Social innovation in the next 10 years: Insights from the SIX Wayfinder

The SIX Wayfinder was convened by SIX, hosted by Nesta and supported by the UNDP, Social Innovation Generation (SiG) National, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), and the JW McConnell Family Foundation.

160 leaders from over 34 countries attended the SIX Wayfinder from diverse backgrounds, both private and public, including government, design, international development, entrepreneurship and more.

The Wayfinder was about looking back to look forward, asking attendees:

  • What is the state of social innovation and its current global context?
  • How do we become more than the sum of our parts?
  • What should we, as a community, aim to achieve by 2027?

This paper, prepared by SIX, summarises the discussions, insights and opportunities surfaced at the Wayfinder. We set out to align around a set of actions for the next ten years. But, by providing a safe space for discussion and debate, we tuned into a strong undercurrent pulling us to speak plainly about very core of what we do, why we do it and why it matters.

In the end, we did not develop any kind of shared manifesto nor did we collectively sign off on a short list of common commitments for the next ten years. Rather, we focused our energy on our process and purpose. We developed calls to action that describe the more radical, transformative and human approaches that we need to advance between now and 2027. Critical self reflection, truly understanding what we are each about, and reinvesting in trust and truth must drive us through the next 10 years.

We grounded ourselves in a shared solidarity for people, planet and each other to build collective momentum for the future.