The Robin Murray Living Library is now live

The Robin Murray Living Library has been created by the Trellis Foundation, set up in memory of Robin to continue his life’s work in social and environmental innovation. As part of this project we have digitised and made available hundreds of unpublished papers, as well as articles, reports and other publications, dating from the 1960s to his final works in 2016.

Robin made important contributions to the fields of fair trade, social innovation, environmentalism and local economic development as well as being one of the most influential socialist thinkers of the last 40 years, developing his ideas through practical projects and experiments. He also played a significant role as a policymaker, first as Chief Economic Advisor to the Greater London Council in the early 1980s and later in the 1990s in shaping London’s waste strategy.

In the Living Library, there is papers and publications, photos, and reflections from colleagues and friends on his work on multinationals, the labour process in Brighton, economics at IDS, developing a new education system for the Seychelles in the early 1980s, producing the London Industrial Strategy at the GLC, TWIN and Twin Trading, Fordism and flexible specialisation, SEEDS, pioneering an alternative waste strategy for London, greening homes and re-imagining the NHS at the Design Council, social innovation methods at the Young Foundation, supporting co-operatives in South Korea, reviewing the co-operative movement for Co-ops UK and much more.

Click here to access the Library.