Project Innovation: the Social Innovation Toolkit

The reality of day-to-day organizational work is that we tend to rely on typical strategies to achieve outcomes. An innovation mindset challenges key ideas about the traditional ways of working in social sector organizations, the importance of asking challenging questions and gathering data to better understand the complexity of social sector work, and the need to view all the components of social sector work – such as relationships, working spaces, and language – as important outcomes.

An innovation mindset informs the tools, methods and stories that appear throughout this website. Click on the links below to learn basic skills of research, facilitation, and collaboration that will help you to develop the mindset required to become more innovative in your work.

This Innovation Toolkit emerged from a partnership between

  • Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Leyroy and Clarkson
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Young Foundation

Please follow the link for more information on the partners.

For a deep analysis of the toolkit, please follow the link to SIResearch.

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