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Re:Think Series

Social innovation global dialogue series

Re:Think Series is a new social innovation global dialogue series co-curated by SIX and Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation, which aims to bring together leading social innovation actors from business, cities, technology sector to rethink what different sectors can learn from each other and do together to address the world’s pressing social challenges. 

As part of a webinar/workshop series, we will bring our regional and international networks and our innovation knowledge to prompt exchange of social innovation best practices within academia, business and urban communities. We will embed these insights in the meaningful exchange of different perspectives and stories of social innovation from China and from around the world.

This series will explore topics including business for good, rethinking neighbourhoods and places, the future of platform economy and technology for good. 

The series aims to expand our worldview by connecting diverse insights and perspectives together. Social innovation practices vary across different places around the world. Political, social and cultural contexts of innovation matter and it is vital we understand them to accelerate learning and exchange across borders and sectors, in order to better prepare for the common societal challenges we face as humanity. 


About the organisers

Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation is a catalyst of social innovation, a “trendsetter” and “wavemaker” for positive social change in China. Leping believes knowledge leads to the build-up of thought leader community and the social movements necessary to incorporate approaches including collective impact, design thinking, and business for good. As an ecosystem builder, Leping hopes to accelerate the transformation of the society towards inclusion through: agenda setting (e.g. via Stanford Social Innovation Review Chinese Edition); introducing social innovation practitioners to cutting edge theories, methods and best practices; and applying learning from around the world in the unique context of China. 

SIX is a global organisation focusing on accelerating learning and exchange across borders and sectors, in order to better prepare for the societal challenges we face. Established in 2008, we work with governments, businesses, academics, funders, practitioners and leading social innovation intermediaries. Exchange is at the heart of everything we do. As an exchange, we facilitate purposeful conversations that challenge and inspire people to advance the field of social innovation. We believe that by exchanging the best examples globally, we can better tackle challenges locally.