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The Funders Node

The SIX Funders Node is a group of leading foundations who want to increase their impact through innovation.

The Funders Node was established in 2015 to:

1. Address the lack of shared knowledge between organisations supporting social innovation across the world
2. Increase the flow of funding for systemic change and social innovation

It is a collaborative support group for foundations, achieved through a series of carefully curated activities including retreats, dinners and meetings, with outputs of these widely disseminated. Funders share experience, insights, tools, resources and methodologies to learn from each others' successes and challenges, consequently achieving greater impact. It is composed of 50 members, dedicated to increase effective funding for systemic change and social innovation.

The best thing about the SIX Funders Node has been getting to know individuals and organisations that have similar challenges or similar questions to those I have. Having critical friends around the world has been really inspiring and helpful. They bring a whole host of experiences and perspectives from their contexts.

- Katie Wehr, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, USA

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