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South East Asian Social Innovation Studios (SEASIN)


Funded by the European Commision, SEASIN develops a regional network of universities in South-East Asia, who are supporting social innovation in the communities around them, and engaging their students beyond the classroom.


Universities face various challenges ranging from lack of institutional support, limited capacity to innovate in their own practice, limited exposure to tools and methods for social innovation, wider engagement with the communities, etc. They need support to address social change differently, a topic increasingly relevant to the students they seek to attract.


SIX is delivering a Social Innovation Studios in 8 universities across 4 countries. These are interactive learning experiences, introducing social innovation methods and tools as well as global case studies. The Studios brings together people working in the community sector, social entrepreneurs, students, university staff to help them experiment and develop their own ideas. Selected participants from each Studio go on study visits to Europe to learn about social innovation in universities within the European context. 

The SEASIN project is shifting the role of university in the community and aims to create units in universities which will specialise in supporting social innovation (Social Innovation Support Units).

Scale & Size:

8 universities in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia (30-40 participants in each country). The Social Innovation Studio in each country is designed as 2-3 day programme. This 3-year project was funded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Union. We are also working with partners in the UK, Spain and Portugal. 

If you want to find out more about this project, please visit the SEASIN platform