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Getting young people back to work

June 2013, Philadelphia, United States. 

The Challenge

The growing need for innovations to get young people into the global labour market was becoming increasingly clear. However, the best models and approaches to solving these challenges, as well as how best to sustain and scale what was working across the world, was not as evident.

SIX’s contribution

Between June 24 and 26, 2013, we worked with the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal to bring participants from across sectors and around the world to accelerate innovation to meet the needs of a changing global marketplace and its evolving young workforce. For three days, businesses, non-profit specialists and leading social innovation practitioners across government, education, health and social enterprise worked together in The City of Brotherly Love to explore better ways of getting our young people back into work.

Key questions discussed

The event drew together information on promising projects underway or in the pipeline, and work on ideas and designs that addressed the following questions:

·How do you create new economies across sectors that result in new jobs for younger people?

·How do you innovate across global labour market systems?

·How do you create new job markets to support self–employment and to develop new and more effective ways of linking individuals to work?

·Does innovation and/or the innovator drive new employment economies or is it the role of established institutions?

·What are high schools and higher education institutions doing to help young people prepare for new economies?


23-25 June, 2013 in Philadelphia. 


Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal

Participants and Speakers

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