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What will Social Innovation look like in 2015 - Gdynia, Poland


SIX partnered with City of Gdynia for the 2011 summer school. 

About the event 

3 years on from the initial SIX summer school in 2008, the picture of social innovation looked somewhat different.  Across borders and across continents, hundreds of innovators were generating solutions to society’s most entrenched problems – they were better equipped with a shared understanding, a growing analysis of what works, and increasing funding or political support. Institutions, governments and even businesses, new and old, were moving to embrace new ideas, new methods and new processes for social innovation.

However, despite these advances, the field of social innovation was still lacking the maturity to tackle the complex challenges today’s society presents us with. So what was missing? What should social innovation look like in 2015? Where were the gaps? And what did we need to fill them?