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Wayfinder London | 15 - 17 February 2017

The Wayfinder event pushed us to focus on innovations which are transformative and generative; which change the rules of the game, create new relationships and create, with that, new flows and resources through society. 

- Charlie Leadbeater, Author & Advisor

The Wayfinder is a high level, global event focussed on the future of social innovation. Wayfinders are designed to promote and advance social innovation in a particular region, and grow the global social innovation movement. 


In February 2017, we hosted our first global Wayfinder event to explore the future of social innovation and our roles in getting there.

The Wayfinder programme looked back to look forward, asking:

  • What is the state of social innovation and its current global context?
  • How do we become more than the sum of our parts?
  • What should we, as a community, aim to achieve by 2027?

At this first Wayfinder, we brought 160 leaders from 34 countries and different sectors together to explore tomorrow's challenges and envision a new future and our roles within it.

Visit the platform | Read the 2006 - 2027 infographic

The London Wayfinder was the start of an important journey to discuss and debate the next 10 years. We are now speaking to and connecting with organisations across the world to ensure that this is a global conversation, and that this vision of the future is collectively shared. More importantly, SIX understands what is necessary to achieve this vision.

These Wayfinder events focus on dedicated topics of social innovation, from reducing inequality, to exploring how funders can align for better impact, to a municipal government exploring how best to digitalise their services for the benefit of the community. 

Wayfinder events help organisations lay or strengthen the foundations of a social innovation ecosystem in a country.

Now, we mustn’t be complacent. We have to come together at the Wayfinder and think about how we can set stretching goals for the next 10 years, which really make this movement and its tools commensurate with the difficult challenges that we face ahead.

- Geoff Mulgan, Nesta, UK

The Wayfinder was so inspiring. It allowed for some deep thinking on future trends; how to really make a difference - especially in today’s climate of doom and gloom - and to combine that with such a fun format - I had a lot of fun and even more food for thought going home.

- Lisbet Peeters, D Capital, UK

Find out more about the Wayfinder and how to organise one in your city or country.

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