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Wayfinder Istanbul | 14-15 May 2018

By working with SIX on the Istanbul Wayfinder we were able to host influential social innovators from all over the world. Normally you work limited by the policy, mindset and know-how that you have in your own ecosystem.

Duygu Kambur, Head of Strategy at imece 

The Wayfinder is a high level, global event focussed on the future of social innovation. Wayfinders are designed to promote and advance social innovation in a particular region, and grow the global social innovation movement. 

One year on from the London Wayfinder, some progress has been made, but many challenges remain. With the support of local, regional and international partners, the Wayfinder returned in 2018, this time in Turkey. 

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Istanbul Wayfinder built on two calls to action from London:

  • Getting truly multi-sector in social innovation — with an emphasis on integrating corporate, government and philanthropic social innovation;

  • Creating enabling platforms to enrich social innovation ecosystems — learning from around the world about the key conditions and overcoming barriers.

We embarked on a shared global learning experience for two days with 500+ participants from 30 countries. 

See below for resources from the event:  

Welcome letter  Programme  Speaker list

The things that really bring change in society are movements with missions. We have to understand when they bring real change; when they’re not just a hashtag to a fashion accessory or dreamed up by a marketing company 

Charlie Leadbeater, Author & Advisor