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Developing ecosystems

An ecosystem is a set of complex, interdependent relationships that function best through effective networks and communities.

Ecological thinking has long informed social innovation work as one of the most robust ways of thinking about complex systems and system dynamics. Networks hold these different actors together.  Without networks, all of these elements would function in silos and not support each other. Thus, fields and networks are the key to changing systems.

SIX’s ecosystem building work:

  • Brings attention and legitimacy to certain issues
  • Increases the exchange of theory and practice between domains (in order to tease out best practices and reduce inefficiencies)
  • Develops incentives for collaboration that may not have happened organically

Our ecosystem building work leverages the SIX Network Approach. At the end of working with SIX, we don’t just provide you with a report and a set of recommendations. Instead, we ensure the expected transformative impact of our work is embedded in a sustainable manner within the organisation. All organisations we work with develop a long lasting relationship with SIX and become part of our network.

For case studies of our ecosystem building work, see below.

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