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ICE, Brazil: Funding Systems Change


SIX has track record of working with foundations and funders of social innovation supporting them to connect and be better funders. The Funders' Node for example, works with funders from across the globe on thematic streams of work enabling shifts within their funding strategy. In this context, SIX hosted a retreat on funding systems change, during which we learnt from, analysed and applied the newest systems changes frameworks and methodologies to the work of foundations. 


Brazil has over 500 large foundations, mainly family owned for backed by leading local businesses. Most of these fund in a fairly traditional method, with no clear collective impact funding strategy. Despite their prevalence in this sector, recent concepts of collective impact and systems change are not widely understood by funders in Brazil.


SIX was invited to host a 1 day workshop for 25 Brazilian foundations who were interested in how to fund in a more innovative manner and how to think about their work systemically. This workshop encouraged participants to reflect on their own grant delivering practice and develop a better understanding of the funding ecosystem in Brazil. Global case studies were examined and the systems change frameworks developed at the Funder’s Node Wasan Island retreat were shared. This enabled foundations to share challenges and be exposed to new ways of funding, leaving the door open for further work with SIX and among themselves.