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Developing networks

We offer network building and coordination programmes which will help organisations or institutions build ties with key actors in their country or region, within their sector, or with others in the world of social innovation.

We don’t create new networks. Instead, we help existing networks connect more effectively (and we bring you into ours!).

As a neutral convenor, or outsider, SIX can guide organisations to strengthen their work through accessing new networks. We help organisations exchange knowledge and we make ties and link people and organisations together. 

In practice, this means enabling new strategic relationships within a specific field or region, to coordinating and growing networks with all of its encompassing elements (consortium management, communication planning, programme design, event organisation,...).

We help develop partnerships to tackle societal challenges systemically and we enable these by focusing on 5 pillars of relationship building:

LEARNING | Building relationships for learning, experience and knowledge sharing.

PARTNERSHIPS | Identifying and brokering strategic partnerships.

SOCIAL | Creating trusted relationships based on a sense of community.

ADVISORY | Providing mentorship and advice.

INFLUENCE | Influencing through advocacy and knowledge dissemination.

Find out more information on how we can help you to develop the relationships and network necessary to fulfil your mission.

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