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Zorlu Holding joins the SIX Global Council

Author: SIX
Published Date: 10 January 2018

It's our pleasure to announce that the Zorlu Holding from Turkey have just joined the SIX Global Council.

We value the opportunity to join the Global Council, believing that the Council will enable us to build networks, collaborations and partnerships and learn from the insights and knowledge curated by individuals or organisations committed to drive positive change globally.

Zorlu Holding 

About Zorlu Holding

Founded in 1953, Zorlu Holding is one of the largest and most successful groups of companies in Turkey.

Zorlu Holding is committed to observing in all its operations the principles and ethical values of administering corporate governance, undertaking social responsibility and providing environmental protection at international standards. Zorlu Holding operates successfully in “Textiles”, “Consumer Electronics, White Goods & Information Technologies”, “Energy”, “Real Estate”, “Mining & Metalurgy” and prioritises adding value to Turkey’s economy.

The Zorlu Family Foundation, established in 1999, is one of the key charitable foundations of Turkey, and carries out education activities to support a modern and developing Turkey.

The purpose of the Zorlu Group 

The aim across the Zorlu Group is to continue our successes and do even better tomorrow. We create sustainable, profitable growth through innovation and responding to the changing world and business environment around us. Business can no longer separate growth from the need to deliver value back to society. Across the whole Group, we see growth and value creation as a connected aspiration. This includes across all the businesses in our supply chain and through our relationships with our customers and others we encounter on our journey.

We will grow by creating and harnessing the power of digital transformation and technology, the passion and commitment of our people, and the development of flexible and efficient business models. We will continue to invest in human capital, R&D and use the Sustainable Development Goals and our sustainability framework as a compass to provide the direction for sustainable innovation with a specific focus on engagement and collaboration with others.

Recognising that business operates within society, we value reduced inequalities, fair and decent work and active and inclusive communities. We are proud to dream of better futures, to collaborate to help fulfil society’s dreams and the global goals.'

We look forward to working more closely with Zorlu in the future, as part of the Global Council.