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What’s coming up in 2018?

Published Date: 16 January 2018

Building on from 2017, we will continue to build our work and share knowledge, create and nurture relationships, and set a direction for the field. Below are some of our new projects.

Universities and knowledge institutions

We are developing a new series of work with universities and knowledge institutions supporting them to be more proactive in driving social change through social innovation.

We are involved in 3 new projects:

· SIKE – this is a knowledge exchange programme between academics, students, private and public bodies to develop new social projects and products through universities in Croatia, Germany, Portugal, Spain and UK

             · The project will be led by SIX Global Council member Glasgow Caledonian University

· SCALINGS Scaling up co-creation: This project seeks to address the challenge of learning from and 'mainstreaming' co-creation by focussing on two technical domains (robotics and urban energy) across 10 countries in Europe through coordinated cross-country experiments.

· Match tournament (Creative Industries and the Digital Economy as Drivers of EU Integration and Innovation- CIDEII): This project supports a global collective of 100 participants (in Australia and Denmark), including students, academics and industry advisors, who will work in teams to tapply design thinking to address ‘real world’ societal challenges set and held by the national governments

· We will also be continuing our capacity building programmes through SEASIN running workshops in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia, as well as closing the LASIN project in Colombia, reflecting on what we have learnt about building regionally based networks of social innovation support units in universities

Funders and foundations

We will be continuing to help global foundations to connect to and learn from each other, in order to make sure their money is having the biggest impact possible through several activities.

· With support from the Fay Fuller Foundation Australia, we will be running our first retreat in Australia in the Autumn

· This month, we begin a year long global project exploring how data can be used to help cross-sector partnerships address complex problems

· Our focus is on the role that philanthropy can play in these partnerships

· SIX will beleading on the project in partnership with Nesta in the UK, the McConnell Foundation in Canada, Open North in Canada, the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Germany and Lankelly Chase in the UK

Setting a direction for the social innovation field

· Building on the 2017 Wayfinder, we are delighted to be partnering  with the Zorlu Holding to host the second Wayfinder event, this time in Istanbul in May

· Since attending the first event, Zorlu have been keen to bring global experts to Turkey, and to reframe the discussion on the future direction of the field in another context

             · The event will begin the process of building a hub for social innovation in Turkey and the region

Building tools and influencing European Policy

· Following the high level announcements by the Portuguese President, Prime Minister and others in Lisbon last year, we are harvesting information from the New Era of Social Innovation event, and feeding into policy recommendations and principles for policy making

· This will build on our SIC work including three SIC summer schools in Turkey, Hungary and Spain, two new learning relays and the final State of the Union report

· We will also continue developing our existing work to create spaces for more difficult and challenging conversations around the world, building the Unusual Suspects platform around the world, and we will begin to explore how corporates are engaging in social year.


As usual, everything we do is in partnership and we are looking forward to working to expanding our network of collaborators in 2018!

Best wishes,


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