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Wellbeing: Can we measure it?

Author: Costanza Cappello
Published Date: 18 December 2008

The Local Wellbeing Project is a partnership between the Young Foundation,

Professor Richard Layard at the Centre for Economic Performance at the

London School of Economics, the Improvement and Development Agency

(IDeA) and three local authorities: Hertfordshire County Council, Manchester

City Council and South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council. The aim

of the Local Wellbeing Project is to pioneer new approaches in the design

and delivery of policies and services to contribute to public happiness and

wellbeing, which could be replicated more widely

The report has been written by Nicola Steuer and Nic Marks at the centre for

wellbeing at nef (the new economics foundation), with contributions from

Nicola Bacon, Marcia Brophy and Mandeep Hothi at the Young Foundation.

It has been prepared on behalf of the Local Wellbeing Project and with the

support of the Audit Commission. This report was published in September

2008 and presents a summary of a more detailed research report prepared by

nef and the Young Foundation in August 2007.