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Weekly round-up- the real Winston Churchill, surveillance capitalism, what your digital legacy will be and more!

Published Date: 18 February 2019

Each week, the SIX team will be sharing their favourite pieces of reading. The content will be organised thematically, and each piece will tie to work that is currently being undertaken by the organisation. Enjoy!



Duncan Collins-Adams: The Real Winston Churchill

Churchill was no hero — he was a vile racist fanatical about violence and fiercely supportive of imperialism. (via Jacobin Mag, November 2018)

Surveillance Capitalism

Jordan Junge: The nightmare of surveillance capitalism

What is surveillance power and why is it destroying the things we value?  How have we allowed this to happen? Where will the resistance come from? (via Talking Politics, February 2019)


Duncan Collins-Adams: The EU looks like the Soviet Union in 1991 – on the verge of collapse

In May’s European elections, anti-EU forces will be on the rise. Those who want to preserve the union’s values must wake up. (via The Guardian, February 2019)


So Jung Rim: Siddhartha Mukherjee meets Henry Marsh: ‘When do you stop treating a patient? At 100?’

The cancer specialist and the neurosurgeon talk about treating cancer, writing and facing death in their own families. (via The Guardian, December 2017)


Jordan Junge: Here’s how normal people beat Jeff Bezos and Amazon

One of the most powerful companies ever just bailed on plans to build a headquarters in NYC. It didn't happen by accident. (via Vice, February 2019)


So Jung Rim: What will your digital legacy be?

How has social media changed the way we experience death? What will your digital legacy be? (via BBC Ideas, February 2019)


Marco Shek: How do we learn to work with intelligent machines?

Are we sacrificing learning in our quest for productivity? (via TED, November 2018)