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Weekly Round-up- how to revive neighbourhoods through art, independence struggles in Catalonia & women at war

Published Date: 27 September 2017

Each week, the SIX team will be sharing their favourite pieces of reading. The content will be organised thematically, and each piece will tie to work that is currently being undertaken by the organisation. Enjoy!

Women & war

Lorna Reed: Women and war: after Afghanistan, there’s a chance to deploy gender-led approaches to conflict

An examination of the role women have to play in war, and a woman's ability to communicate with the local population as a warfare tactic rather than using violence. (via The Conversation, Sept 2017)


Duncan Collins-Adams:  Access denied: wheelchair metro maps versus everyone else's

The metro can be the quickest way to get around many big cities. Unless you’re in a wheelchair. This visual indication highlights which cities in the world are trailing others in terms of accessibility to public transport. (via The Guardian Cities, Sept 2017)

Community Development

Marc Violo: How to revive a neighborhood: with imagination, beauty and art

Theaster Gates, a potter by training and a social activist by calling, wanted to do something about the sorry state of his neighborhood on the southside of Chicago. So he did, transforming abandoned buildings to create community hubs that connect and inspire those who still live there (and draw in those who don't). (via TED, March 2015)

Experimentation and safe spaces

Julie Munk: A Classroom Full of Risk Takers

Methods on how to make students feel safe enough to task risk, to push them to do and to obtain the wins of a failure-accepted education culture. (via edutopia, Sept 2017)

Julie Munk: We need a safe space for policy failure

In many cases, the meaning of innovation is unclear. Are we trying to mirror private sector innovation practice? Or do we have an entirely different approach to innovation in the public sector? On how we create safe spaces for policy experimentation. (via The Mandarin, Aug 2017)


Duncan Collins-Adams: Kings in the Alhambra, Tanks in Barcelona

The ongoing battle for Catalonian independence is among the latest in a long history of cultural struggles in Spain, where individual cultural, religious and ethnic groups find themselves at odds with authorities wishing to impose a monolithic, centralised vision of Spanish history. (via Novara Media, Sept 2017)