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Weekly round-up- the Green New Deal, Airbnb invasion of Barcelona, UK social care & more!

Published Date: 30 April 2019

Each week, the SIX team will be sharing their favourite pieces of reading. The content will be organised thematically, and each piece will tie to work that is currently being undertaken by the organisation. Enjoy!

Citizen participation

Duncan Collins-Adams: What’s #legit?

Testing a new type citizen conversation. What came out of the first Alternative Camden citizen lab? (via Medium, April 2019)


So Jung Rim: On the first Stephen Lawrence Day, let’s admit our communities are still unequal

We must build a society that doesn’t exclude anyone on grounds of race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability or background. (via The Guardian, April 2019)

Climate breakdown

Louise Pulford: The economic argument behind the Green New Deal

Economist Mariana Mazzucato explains how rethinking industrial policy could be key to tackling climate change. (via Technology Review, April 2019)


Sophie Monaghan-Coombs: Fashion’s plastic problem is bigger than you can imagine—but this brand is finding new ways to solve it

Upstart clothing brand Everlane has a knack for upending—and resetting—fashion-industry norms. Can its effort to wean itself off virgin plastic help move an industry that’s drowning in carbon-intensive synthetics? (via Fast Company, April 2019)


Duncan Collins-Adams: The Airbnb invasion of Barcelona

In the tourist-clogged city, some locals see the service as a pestilence. (via The New Yorker, April 2019)

Social enterprise

Marco Shek: The UK Social Entrepreneur Index 2019

The UK Social Entrepreneur Index is a celebration of entrepreneurs running businesses with social purposes, with the aim of providing recognition whilst also acting as a benchmark for good practice to inspire the next generation. (via Social Entrepreneur Index, March 2019)

Social care

Sophie Monaghan-Coombs: While the UK dithers over social care, China is starting to deliver

China – a country getting old before it gets rich – has much to teach the UK with its rapid rollout of a network of care hubs. (via The Guardian, April 2019)