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Weekly Round-up- the future of civil society, Grenfell a year on, turning trash into energy and more!

Published Date: 14 June 2018

Each week, the SIX team will be sharing their favourite pieces of reading. The content will be organised thematically, and each piece will tie to work that is currently being undertaken by the organisation. Enjoy!

Civil Society

So Jung Rim: Civil Society Futures: The Independent Inquiry

One year into their inquiry on the future of civil society in England, and after hearing from 1500 people so far, Civil Society Futures identify the key role it has in putting power back in the hands of people and communities. (via Civil Society Futures, April 2018)


Duncan Collins-Adams: Grenfell Tower, one year on: community members discuss

On the first anniversary of the fire that claimed 72 lives in west London, many questions remain. Those close to the disaster reflect on its impact. (via The Guardian, June 2018)

Sophie Monaghan-Coombs: Can Smart Cities be Equitable?

For urban planners, data and technology are valuable tools in the drive to improve administration and services. But while these innovations are making urban environments more livable, they come with a hidden cost: the potential to deepen inequality among digitally marginalized groups. (via Project Syndicate, June 2018)

Duncan Collins-Adams: You Can’t Fix Mass Transit By Destroying It

A suggestion that the New York City subway could be replaced by tunnels for autonomous cars would only exclude the riders who need it most. (via City Lab, June 2018)


Jordan Junge: This African city is turning a mountain of trash into energy

An Ethiopian entrepreneur is tackling the crisis with Africa’s first waste-to-energy plant, which reduces noxious and dangerous landfill while powering urban homes. (via We Forum, May 2018)

Kendra Schreiner: Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth

Biggest analysis to date reveals huge footprint of livestock - it provides just 18% of calories but takes up 83% of farmland. (via The Guardian, May 2018)


Jordan Junge: The case of the missing immigrant children

Trump Administration officials are acting as if there were a secure system in place for dealing with children who are taken away from their parents at the border. There is not. (via The New Yorker, May 2018)


So Jung Rim: What did Max Weber mean by the ‘spirit’ of capitalism?

Via Aeon, June 2018


Louise Pulford: Why collaboration fails

What lies under the word, “uncollaborative”? Usually, it’s an unaddressed power imbalance. (via Stanford Social Innovation Review, June 2018)