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Author: Louise Pulford
Published Date: 20 February 2008

A new leadership programme supporting the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow in communities across Britain.

What is the UpRising programme?
The UpRising leadership programme is a new organisation being developed by the Young Foundation to support and train a new generation of public leaders. It will identify, recruit, develop and support 19 to 25 year olds to enable them to play a greater role in politics and public decision-making processes. The aim is to create a pool of talented young leaders from diverse backgrounds that can be recruited by public institutions and those in power.

UpRising will be piloted in the east London boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Newham and Tower Hamlets and then spread around London and other major cities throughout the UK.

Why is the Uprising leadership programme needed?

At present, the people making the decisions and running important public institutions do not reflect the diversity of - talent that exists in Britain today. For example:

- the average age of an MP is 51 years old

- only 126 of the 646 MPs are women

- only 15 MPs come from black and Asian backgrounds

- the average age of councillors is 58 years; only 8% are under 40 years of age and only 26% of councillors are women.

There are also thousands of positions on the governing bodies of charities, schools, colleges, housing associations, and quangos which together control billions of pounds of public money and make important decisions affecting our lives and communities.

UpRising is about supporting, training and preparing a new generation of public leaders to make sure that the people making decisions reflect the talent that exists in Britain today.