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The Unusual Suspects Festival- London Impact Report: 4 Years in Review

Published Date: 21 August 2017

This document is a four year review of the Unusual Suspects Festival model and events. Following the success of the London festival, we wanted to review all our past events and think strategically about how best to take the festival model onwards.

All the festivals have reinforced that collaboration is a skill, not a hobby. We have learnt how important it is to understand power dynamics if you want to build trust and create more distributed leadership. We have found a demand for a new kind of platform that connects lots different kinds of stories and people who might seem disconnected, but are actually part of a bigger movement. We found so many brilliant initiatives across the cities we have been in  and we need a narrative to hold all of them together and connect them to one another.

We think the Unusual Suspects Festival could become this kind of platform and we are keen to explore how we might develop it further. This could include:

–Building a community through a continuous series of events

–Co-creating insights and practice and documenting the learnings

–Enabling other cities and neighbourhoods to organise their own Unusual Suspects Festival 

Click here to read the Impact Report in full.