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Author: unMonastery
Published Date: 7 April 2014

Last 15th March, unMonastery Matera opened its doors to Matera citizens and visitors. It is an ambitious and radical project, which aims to develop social innovation and cooperation, drawing inspiration from the 10th Century monastic life.

The goal of this non-profit project is to challenge existing dependency chains and economic fictions, its heart is to prototype new solutions to common problems.

unMonastery is indebted to the concept of HackerSpaces and borrows parts of the model to build an outward facing space that engages closely with its local community. It was developed in the latest 18 months with the cooperation of EdgeRyders LGB, started out as a project by the Council of Europe and the European Commission, which after termination developed into an international community run social enterprise.

This project aroused curiosity and interest from all over the world, because unMonastery Matera is a prototype, designed to create a baseline model for the whole project that will enable rapid start-up and replication in other locations throughout the next 200 years. Each iteration aims to improve on the last. It is a brave experiment that aims to change the way in which we live and work together.

unMonastery will offer to citizens of Matera a wide range of opportunities, such as events, sessions, workshops and collective experiments. The first series of workshops and skill sharing sessions will include: Programming and Computer Science, Open Source Hardware Development, Basic Woodworking Skills, Live TV and Radio production, Film Making and Introductions to Open Source Software.

For more information about unMonastery click here.

If you want to have a look inside unMonastery and check out how is the life there, visit Lucia Caistor blog.