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Trickle-up education reform: how students can lead the way

Author: Hillary Jones
Published Date: 19 April 2013

Written by Hillary Jones

With tuition reaching record levels, dropout rates rising, budgets seeing major cuts, and unemployment soaring for college grads, higher education reform has been a hot button political topic over the past few years. While the debate has raged on among politicians and higher education leaders, one critical group seems to have been largely left out of the discussion: students.

Student feedback and advice is often just as or even more overlooked than that of teachers, but unlike teachers, students don’t often have the organizational power (usually offered by unions and other lobby groups) to fight to get their voices heard.

As a student, you might be wondering what you can do to make changes on your campus or in your community or how you can play a bigger role in how education policy is shaped in the coming years. While your force for change might be limited, there are lots of ways that you can help change things through your own hard work and involvement on campus and within larger reform groups for students. Here, we’ll touch on three big education reform issues, offering suggestions on how students can change their own educational experiences, their campuses, and even higher education as a whole.

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