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Transition eMag #2

Published Date: 17 September 2015

The Transition eMag explores the tools and methods for incubating social innovation which have evolved from our efforts in incubating social innovation projects across Europe. Transition is a consortium funded by the European Commission, tasked with scaling up 300 social innovators across Europe over 2.5 years. Based from this experience, Transition has developed the Social Innovation Journey - an action format for social innovation incubation. In this second issue, they will explore the WHO aspect of the Social Innovation Journey.

Read the Transition eMag ♯2 in which you can:

  • Explore the Social Innovation Journey: WHO
  • Read the interviews to the Scaling Centres: Greg Winfield - The Young Foundation
  • Learn how to use the tools: Social Innovation Incubation
  • Discover the Transition Travelers: One Touch (TRANSITION Ireland West), iBattilastra (Milano Scaling Center)

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