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In today's world, how do we support institutions to radically reshape themselves?

Published Date: 24 September 2019

Whilst the somewhat comical debacle of the Boris/Brexit drama continues in the UK, we are also waking up every morning to devastating news from Hong Kong and Russia’s political situations. These situations signal something more fundamental going on all across the world that is about roles of major institutions, deep divisions in society, diversity and inclusion, power and people.

SIX’s purpose is not to make comment on politics, but to pick up some of the issues and questions being thrown up by societies around the world that we think social innovation can help offer an answer to. Social innovation enables us to better understand relationships and power, harness imagination and support radical new thinking by connecting people who are trying to find better responses. We must open up a different kind of conversation: about what’s really valuable and what really matters.

Over the coming months, we will be actively exploring the following questions through our exchange:

In the next two months, these questions take us around the world. Our upcoming activities in the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, South Africa, Australia and Germany, will all support foundations, city governments, universities, companies and civil society to use insights more effectively, questioning and reflecting on their day to day activities, and working better together. 

We need to work together, with people that are different to us, and we need to work more effectively. Now, more than ever.