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The story of SIX: the first eight years

Published Date: 11 November 2015

Throughout the world social innovation is seen as having a major contribution to make in the way we live and how we solve problems in whatever sector. Social innovators tend, almost by definition, to work on the margins – that is one of their strengths but it is also a potential weakness cutting innovators off from each other, from learning and sharing and from those whose support they need to bring ideas to fruition.

The Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) was created in order to put social innovators in touch with each other and with those with the power and resources to make things happen, to foster sharing and learning, to avoid re-invention of the wheel and to provide both inspiration and legitimacy to the world of social innovation.

The Story of SIX is a short report on the history and lessons of SIX. It identifies the transferable lessons that can be drawn from SIX for the development of international networks generally and provides an account of the work of SIX in order to communicate its value and impact better.

Read it here.