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Societal entrepreneurship programme

Published Date: 9 February 2009

This is the programme declaration and information about the programme on societal entrepreneurship at the Knowledge Foundation. How we work, what we do and our goal and vision.

The Knowledge Foundation sees societal entrepreneurship as a

key to the future. Sweden needs technological development – but

we also need new ideas for our housing estates, new ways of

producing and consuming that respect the environment and new

ways of providing public services and care: in short, we need social


Many of our social solutions were built for the structure of the

industrial society, when borders were more important – borders

between nations, between the market and the public sector and

between work and leisure. The difficult issues that we face today –

such as the climate threat, migration and segregation, globalization

and unequal distribution – cut across borders. And they are too

complex to be solved by players acting on their own.