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Social Venturing

Author: Louise Pulford
Published Date: 28 September 2009

Social Innovator Series: Ways to design, develop and grow social innovation.

This volume - part of a series on methods and issues in social innovation - focuses on how to establish and grow a social venture.

The report is the result of a collaboration between NESTA (the UK National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) and the Young Foundation.

The past thirty years has seen a remarkable growth of social ventures in both the developed and developing worlds. Sometimes referred to as the Third Sector, they in fact operate across sectors, in parts of the state, the grant economy, the collaborative household economy and in the market as social enterprises.

While there is a long-standing economic and managerial literature on the market economy, and methods of operating within it, as well as a complementary body of work on public finance and public sector management, there is remarkably little on the distinctive character of social ventures and the social economy.

Yet this economy and its ventures are set to play a critical role in addressing many

of the most urgent contemporary problems, from climate change to chronic

disease, and from social welfare to new forms of consumption.

This volume is part of a wider project to bring together, on the basis of experience, issues faced by those working in this new social economy and the methods and approaches applicable to them.

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