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The Social Life of Cities

Author: Urban Times
Published Date: 27 June 2013

Social Life of Cities ‘The Social Life of Cities’ is a series of 10 articles giving “street views” on city innovation from cities around the world. Through research, practical projects and dialogues with community and public agencies in different cities, it explores new, small-scale and citizen-led approaches to placemaking and incorporating digital technologies in supporting urban social life.

Essays range from an exploration of social unity during the crisis in Athens, to 'people-less' urban design in Sydney, to lessons from 21st Century Nakuru, Kenya.

The series is being published on Urban Times, a so-called Home of Optimism online "Built for the journalists, bloggers and thought-leaders who want to create insightful content, build a stellar reputation and drive change."

The series is run by Social Life, longtime friends of the SIX network.