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Social Innovation Turkey 2018 - SIX Wayfinder & SIC Summer School

Published Date: 3 May 2018

Social Innovation Turkey 2018

This May, SIX and SIC (the Social Innovation Community) are inviting some of the world’s leading social innovation pioneers, thinkers, practitioners, researchers and leaders to two unique events, which in different ways explore how to enable eco-systems and community of practices for social innovation.

Samsun - the Black Sea Region - SIC Summer School: Regions as Social Innovations Ecosystems? Rural Ecosystem and Institutional Capacities

9th- 11th May

Istanbul - SIX Wayfinder: The next 10 years of social innovation  


14th-15th May

These events will:

  • Showcase the best of existing Turkish social innovation practice, with a diverse range of partners from different sectors
  • Learn and take inspiration from the best of local and global social innovation practice
  • Map the direction and future of social innovation, not just in Turkey, but around the world
  • Strengthen the capacity of Turkish social innovation across a variety of sectors and disciplines
  • Ignite new potential collaborations and ideas on social innovation

Why is SIX in Turkey?

Turkey is a unique historical crossroads of trade, information, culture and business flow between East and West. With a rapidly growing economy, innovation is flourishing in communities and societies; although the term of social innovation is still relatively new.

By working with business, NGOs, innovation incubators and regional development agencies in two very different cities, SIX will help to catalyse the social innovation ecosystem by working closely with local partners. Both the Summer School and the Wayfinder are rooted in practice and will hear from brilliant stories from Turkey and beyond. The Summer School is particularly focused on innovation tools and methods, whilst the Wayfinder is more forward-looking; exploring how we can create systemic change and have a deeper impact in the next 10 years.

SIX and SIC were invited to Turkey to host these events by local partners to learn from our unique way of convening a community and interactive events, drawing on our 10 years of expertise and tapping into a wider global conversation and community.