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Social Innovation Toolkit for Youth in the Water Sector

Published Date: 2 October 2015

The social innovation toolkit has been developed to support youth in creative action for water protection. To this end, CrESSI partner GETIDOS in close cooperation with the European Rivers Network and social entrepreneur Roberto Epple has developed online modules.  The modules are available in English, French, German and Italian (shortened version) free of charge via

In 2014-2015, they supported over 100 youth teams from 28 countries in local as well as European actions for river protection under the umbrella of the Big Jump.  At the Big Jump, thousands of people jumped simultaneously into their rivers and lakes on 12.7.2015. With this action, they highlighted a big European goal: All waters in the EU should be in good condition by 2015. However, more than half are still far away from this goal.

The Big Jump Challenge is the youth campaign of the Big Jump. In 2015, the goal year of the European Water Framework Directive, the campaign invited youth groups from all over Europe to get informed and to become creative participants already prior to the Big Jump.  To this end, the modules provide background information on water policy in the EU, invite reflection on water ethics, and the exploration of aquatic ecosystems. On this basis, participants are invited in further modules to organize their own Big Jump actions via modules on creative dialogue, stakeholder workshops, practical action and organizational matters (full detail here:

Following the positive response to campaign in the first half of 2015, the organizers are now in discussion with the European Rivers Network, further European NGOs as well as members of the European Commission to explore further steps. In addition, an evaluation report will be released later in 2015. For further information, contact us via