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Social Innovation in the Marketplace: Suggested Reading

Published Date: 24 June 2013

We thought we'd share with you some books and articles we think are really interesting related to innovation in young people and jobs.

Urban Solutions: Tapping the talents of Urban Youths (URBACT) by Eddy Adams and Robert Arnkil

Making it Work: Tackling worklessness through Innovation (Nesta) by Jo Casebourne and Nick Coleman

Working Scared (or not at all) by Carl Van Horn

Need a Job? Invent it (New York Times) by Thomas L. Friedman

Digital Technology and Youth Engagement by Eugenie Teasley

The messy tale: From idea to actual thing by Eugenie Teasley

The co- creation cycle by Eugenie Teasley

Building blocks of labour market success by Neeta Fogg, Paul Harrington and Anja Petrovich

Signalling Success: Boosting Teen Employment Prospects by Paul Harrington and Nancy Snyder