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Social innovation and welfare state - supplement or competiton?

Author: Anne Sørensen
Published Date: 29 November 2012

The Danish and other Nordic Welfare systems can be viewed as huge complexes of social innovations. These systems are on the one hand claimed to be so universalistic, strong, powerful and thought through that they keep the people happy, safe, healthy and educated and to a large extent create equality - at least in an economic sense.

On the other hand one could claim that these massive welfare systems impede the drive for further social innovations. Thus, the societal benefit of social innovation is deemed worthy of further discussion: is social innovaton supplementing or competing with the welfare state?

Andreas Hjorth Frederiksen explores the field of social innovation in the strong Danish welfarestate. Read the full article page 3-4 in Newsletter Observatory for Sociopolitical Developments in Europe - issue on Social Innovation. Download the newsletter here.