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Social cohesion and the role for philanthropy insights 2019

Published Date: 23 October 2019

Our third and final Funders Node retreat on Wasan Island this year convened philanthropic leaders from four continents to discuss the role for philanthropy in creating and protecting cohesive societies, in which individuals have a sense of belonging no matter their context.


This 2-page document covers some of the main insights from the retreat including: 

  • What threatens social cohesion?

  • How philanthropic foundations need to fundamentally change - for example, by radically decentralising power and decolonising philanthropy. 

  • Which methods might help the sector shift - for example, engaging with new ways of giving and repurposing endowments. 


[Download the full report here] 


This retreat was made possible with the generous support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, and their partnership with the McConnell Foundation, the BMW Foundation, the Breuninger Foundation, and Community Foundations of Canada.