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SIX Summer School 2012: What happened at the event?

Published Date: 26 November 2012

If you want to know more about the conversations we had at this Summer School you can read the post-event report. You can also have a look at the agenda and participant bios in this participant booklet. The suggested reading listphotos and the PPTs from the event are also available.

A snapshot of the participant reflections and key lessons:

  • In order to get SI further, it is not the politicians we need to connect with but the masses
  • “We, as social innovators, have to start to understand that scaling does take time. We all want to do it immediately. Although we are all agitated and want change straight away, we are all in it for the long haul. Seeing people like Darell Hammond and how they have gone through the years of growth and scaling is an inspiration. Learning how he put together the tools and the methodology, and how he shared that openly with people and allowed them to replicate his model, has been really beneficial.” Mickey Kovari, National Centre for Indigenous Excellence
  • “There can be a disconnect between business, funders and the community sector. One of the challenges is to bring everyone together around common goals and identify how we can start to work together. This approach can fasttrack and accelerate scale. You connect the pipeline of ideas, the people that understand them and those that can carry the idea forward.” Seri Renken, Gordon Care Foundation
  • “There is a choice in how we exercise leadership. Think about your own practise and how that might become more collaborative in a way that generates better leadership.” Kristin Wolff, Social Policy Research Associates
  • No one sector has a monopoly on change, on passion and on purpose. You need people in all sectors with a passion and purpose to drive the change we want to see.” Darell Hammond, KaBoom
  • Be intentional about your organisational culture then reinforce it through clear communication and consistent mantra