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SIX Nordic podcast Episode 4: Social Labs

Author: SIX Nordic
Published Date: 3 July 2015

Therese Byhring met Marlieke Kieboom at the SIX Nordic event about Social Experiments in Desember 2014. She and Chris Sigaloff from Kennisland (Knowledgeland) in the Neterlands facilitated a workshop around the question: How to set up social experiments?

They talked about their experience setting up a social lab with elderly people in Amsteldorp. How they experimented, tried, failed, improved and learned. This was really inspiring and educational to Therese, so she asked Marlieke to do a podcast with her about this topic, so even more people can learn from their experience.

And here it is. Episode 4: A talk with Marlieke Kieboom from Kennisland about social labs in the Netherlands. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Interested in learning more about this topic?
Just recently Kennisland published a publication in english about how you can run a social lab based on their experience from Amsteldorp. You can read all about it, and download the publication at Lab Practice: creating spaces for social change.  

You can also subscribe to the SIX Nordic podcast on iTunes. You can read more about the SIX Nordic Network here.