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SIX Nordic launch 2013: About the Event

Published Date: 18 March 2013

The SIX Nordic Launch event kicked off in Copenhagen 18- 19th March 2013, gathering a network of social innovators from the region. The aim of this SIX Nordic unconference was designed to support our Nordic social innovators in extending their regional network, to get inspired, to question the way we do things, to get feedback on new and/or existing projects and start up new partnerships.

During the event, social innovators who would make up the SIX Nordic network gave a brief introduction on who they are and what is happening in their region, and Uffe Elbæk gave his forecast for social innovation in the Nordic region. Uffe Elbæk is MP, spokesman for innovation and Nordic cooperation, former Danish Minister for Culture, experienced social innovator and founder of KaosPilots and Frontrunners in Denmark. Louise Pulford of SIX Global Council also gave an overview of the SIX Global landscape.

For the full program, download it here