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SIX Newsletter: Rethinking Vulnerability and Resistance

Published Date: 7 September 2020


Societies generally abhor vulnerability. Many of our current populist leaders and institutions are based on the strong man model. But, as the global pandemic is highlighting, this model isn't working. This month, we see even more people taking to the streets across the US, Belarus, Hong Kong and Thailand. Our societies are fragile.

We are seeing this fragility in all of the work we are doing at SIX too - from our conversations with foundations about what COVID-19 means for how they will operate in the future, to the Wayfinder dine-around conversations. We are all grappling with uncertainty, transition and renewal. 

In all of our projects, we are calling for a new conversation between philanthropic funders, universities, business, governments; between different generations; between parts of the world that are more accustomed to crisis and those that aren’t. And these conversations should be led by values and start where people are at, honestly. Accepting our vulnerability is a good start.

— Louise Pulford, CEO

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