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SIX Funders Node Retreat: Taking risks and achieving greater impact

Location: Adelaide, Australia
Event Date: 1 — 3 September 2018


Funding systems change initiatives and innovations as a new approach involves new risk. SIX is hosting a Funders Retreat that will explore how funders can take, enable and manage risks to achieve greater systemic impact.

Thanks to the generous support of the Fay Fuller Foundation in Adelaide, Australia, SIX is bringing the SIX Funders’ Node, a global network of philanthropic leaders, to Australia. 

The SIX Funders’ Node connects global foundations and funders to increase the flow of funding to support social innovation and systemic change. At various convening’s throughout the year, over 70 foundations from 17 countries connect with each other to share experiences, insights, tools, resources and methodologies to learn from each others' successes and challenges and, as a result, achieve greater impact. 

This retreat will build on previous programmes of work on funding systems change and aligning for impact. Key questions we will explore include:

  • How can funders be more rigorous in risk-taking to have a bigger impact?   
  • How do funders manage perceived and real tension between accountability and risk taking?
  • What is the role of philanthropy in promoting risk taking within the organisations they fund?
  • What risks can we take to drive systems change and solve the big complex social challenges we face around the world?

Funders’ Node convening’s are hosted in unique retreat settings to foster trusted spaces for honest discussion with peers. Given this small and intensive format, this event is invitation-only. We will be sharing our learning with the wider global network and those in Australia. 

If these questions or the topic resonate with you and you’d like to help us co-create the content of this topic, please get in touch with